About us

Our mission is to support designers in all sort of segments that require in depth knowledge about the physics that take place in their particular discipline. The combination of your expertise and ours will enable us to accelerate and find new solutions.
As simulations are our core business we have invested in the required knowledge, software and hardware to deliver you accurate and useable results within an acceptable time frame. CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulations is our main activity. For this type of simulation we have a High Performance Computing cluster of 128 cores interconnected by a dedicated network. We use ANSYS CFD (CFX and Fluent) for the simulations, which is known to be one of the best multipurpose CFD software worldwide.

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ONE Simulations is imitating (future) reality for years.

The movement of gases and fluids is our field of expertise in a nutshell. A niche that is developing rapidly. The market is demanding for short turnaround times and high accuracy, therefore we have extensively invested in soft- and hardware. We run our CFD simulations in the latest version of ANSYS on special composed High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters based on InfiniBand. These HPC clusters consist of 128 and 512 cores and have up to 2 TB of RAM! This enables us (and you) to have quick results without compromising accuracy.

Read more about us and our business in this interview (text is in Dutch)