Closed Car Park

We have worldwide extensive experience in ventilation system performance verification of closed car parks using CFD simulations. There are three levels of involvement that we can offer you. First, we can evaluate your system design and report the performance. Second, we can support you by optimizing your design and third, we can make a concept system design meeting the requirements. Besides, for open car parks we often analyze the (assisted) natural ventilation capacity when not all requirement are met.

Most Enclosed car parks exceed the maximum building regulations fire compartment size. This oversize compartment is accepted because of the limited size of a car fire but requires additional measures to limit smoke and heat spread. These measures consist mainly of ventilation requirements possibly in combination with sprinkler/watermist.


Quick approval

In general we assist in communicating the performance objectives with the local authorities in a starting points document followed by the well-defined study and clear presentation of the results. Fire brigades and authorities can then easily check if the performance criteria are met and provide the planning permission.

System design

Besides analyzing and indicating the system performance we, as an independent company, can make you a conceptual system design that will meet the agreed performance.

Fire Safety Assessment

We are highly experienced in assessing the fire safety level in terms of smoke spread affecting local visibility and temperatures according to all sorts of codes like the NFPA and British standard, but also codes from countries as The Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, France, Germany, Ireland, The Philippines, Turkey, etc. etc… Moreover if there is no standard available in the specific region we can assist in determining the required performance.

smoke layer

Pollution control

Maybe even more important is the pollution control since fire will most likely never occur, but reaching dangerous pollution concentration can happen every day. By smart design of the system the pollution can be controlled very well and the car park will be experienced as a comfortable environment, which is especially of interest for public car parks dedicated to shopping centres.