For larger rooms/areas or spaces with high heat loads it is more difficult to design a HVAC system and to estimate the experience of people. With CFD simulations it is possible to indicate the steady state achieved indoor environment and/or the dynamic behaviour of a system on changes. We have done studies for different climates and types of buildings.

HVAC design support for a traffic control centre

In this large traffic control centre the internal heat load is rather high and the stress level of employees can rise to high levels as well. Therefore it is of utmost importance to guarantee a good internal climate for the employees to respond adequately on traffic events. The room has a large internal height and limited possible supply locations. The study performed has been used to investigate the throw of an inlet grill half way the height of the room. To indicate the perception of draft Fanger formulas, according to ISO 7730 are applied. These embed the comfort related climate conditions such as velocity, temperature, humidity, radiation, etc.

International Airport Terminal

In Luanda, Angola, a new international airport will be built. Since the Angolan climate is hot and humid special attention is paid to the air conditioning system. On request of the client and consultants the HVAC system performance of the main entrance hall is investigated by CFD simulations. The hall is about 15 m high and is surrounded by a double skin façade. The large glazed area results in a high thermal load by radiation and transmission. Read more in our project reference sheet.