Process Industry

In this field of industry key words are process control, liability and safety which all have to do with understanding the physics. Advanced computer simulations can be applied on component up to plant level. For instance, optimizing a spray nozzle till analysing the gas emission dispersion in the surroundings of the plant.

Optimization mixing device bypass

In a complex process system two flows with different temperatures need to be mixed within a certain distance. This ensures that equipement downstream will not be damaged and optimizes the efficiency. With CFD simulations the mixing of the flows and the pressure drop for different designs and process settings are evaluated.

Heat exchanger

The performance of a redesigned heat exchange element for a specific purpose is investigated. The simulation study included dimensioning the headers, optimizing the tube profiles and used materials. The CFD model included the fluid domain inside the tubes, the solid material domain and the external gas domain. The actual heat transfer from fluid to solid is calculated based on the local behavior.

Fire safety study large production and warehouse building

A study to verify the fire safety for occupants is conducted. The result shown is an 3D iso-surface at 30 meter visibility caused by a fire in the rack. The fire spread is limited by the rack sprinkler system. Main objective is to indicate the available evacuation time on the higher levels of the connected production facility.

Equipment performance assessment and optimization

Besides the global performance of the cooling system on the roof and the ventilation distribution in the dataroom itself there are numerous other system components on whose performance the reliability depends. For example a buffer tank in the cooling system should have a clear stratification of hot and cold water. This ensures the supply water temperature for CRAC units over the required time in case of power failures.